The Green Party is a political party and a global movement. Our goal is to elect people to office and to implement electoral and social reform to reverse the immense role big corporations and money play in current world politics, and in particular in the US.


We are not just environmentalists! Our members are advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters, small business owners, disaffected Democrats, grassroots activists, students and regular citizens who've had enough of corporate-dominated politics. The Green Party, the third largest political party in the US and the fastest growing party in California, provides a political alternative for those committed to building a sustainable and just society. The Greens believe in the importance of community-based economics and bottom-up democracy and are guided by the core values of the Green Party. Working for sustainable ecology, universal health care coverage, electoral reform, a living wage, responsible foreign policy, reform of the prison industry, we provide an alternative to the current duopoly in government.


We have a broad platform that ranges from the environment to our Blue-Green Labor agenda to human rights and social justice. The Green Party of the United States does not accept any contributions from corporations or special interests; this ensures that we represent the people not big business!


What makes Green politics different is that we recognize the interconnection of all life and social processes, and that neither social nor environmental problems can be solved in isolation from each other. Green groups around the country not only run candidates for office, but work consistently in between elections on issues of concern in their community. This kind of activism is fundamental to our grassroots values and keeps us grounded on local issues, and also builds the credibility needed to run candidates for local office first, followed by higher offices later. Because the Earth community is imperiled and the current neoliberal political system has proved ineffective, Green politics has arisen worldwide through Green parties and kindred grassroots movements. See the Global Greens Charter(pdf file).



The Green Party of California was formed in 1990-91 when more than 103,000 pragmatic visionaries changed their voter registration to "Green" and thereby qualified the new party for the state-level ballot in California. The Green Party of California stands on two legs: one in electoral work (initiatives, referenda and candidates), and one in community projects and grassroots social-change movements that are compatible with the Green vision.

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